This series was simply amazing! I keep thinking of how you could map it all onto one chart a la Hockney’s wall of painting. Bravo!

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Hello Wren and everyone. This blog is right on and truly enlightening. I am not a pacifist, and Ukraine reminds me of my own heritage of 1956 in Hungary.

It is appalling to me that the conversation and actions in our world are consistently turning right, inevitably leading to fascism. I applaud the lesson on language, the popularizing of this neologistic writing, and pray that the bloodletting will stop real soon. The hard work of reeducation worldwide and re-orientation of all languages is imperative. We need to focus the whole world on changing the climate and constructing a world for our children..... which in my humble opinion is de-centralized.... and based on truth, not dogmas......

Thanks for the insight:

Steven Ormenyi

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Unfortunately, the post of Timothy Snyder is a total garbage in term of literally everything. Ok, I totally understand that Russian and Ukraine languages are hard to study and especially to know that much so to see and understand the difference in spelling and so on. As well as for me it’s super hard to learn Chinese and Japanese. So guess what? I would never try to analyze anything to public and post it if I have no idea what I’m talking about. Almost every single line of that post is a bs and a garbage from a knowledge and quality point of view. I wouldn’t even comment regarding the “meaning” as it makes no sense to discuss that among the educated people. It made me understand that everything should start from very begging. If a society needs to argue on some matters it should invest quite a lot into educating themselves so that to stay on the same page. Maybe that would increase a level of mutual understanding at the end. Peace and luck to everyone in the world!

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