Thanks Ren for the link. I've been amazed by how many outsiders have contributed to the field of a-periodic tilings, including not-so-famously as Dave Smith the enigmatic Tasmanian woman Marjorie Taylor, who discovered the very first Einstein tile. This is an assortment of disconnected pieces that magically cohere to fill the plane. I Love Dave's discovery – its simple and complete in an elegant way – yet to me Marjorie's remains still more enigmatic, perhaps because it is so un-simple....

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Intriguing and beautifully written. Regarding the pendulum waves: the hapless chaos and the serene order are -- given the original deploying of the pendulums -- equally predictable. And so the entire event is, as it were, thoroughly determined; save I suppose for the guy who designed the array.

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Knew a Kabbalist once who said;

Inside every instance of simplicity there is great complexity


Inside every instance of complexity there is great great simplicity.

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