Your Tribe of Zohars sounds like a Taschen. Good style, if that proves true. 1 contribution in print to the idea that everybody is an artist was Douglas Coupland simply pro nouncing that idea after hearing that his niece was compositing voice and photos for a documentary for high school. Right. 2 it seems your enthusiasm for twin ideas will not let us down. Since 2014, I believe one of the most shared essays has been Graeber and t other David's Dawn of Everything book. Sure it is in the 400 ooo copies...monumental architecture is its second emphasis for argument that people are not made for 1984. Because shared monuments can represent live disagreements and more than interregneums peaceful you name it productivity demos or etcetera as Henry Miller would have it. Etc.

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As a law student at Georgetown, the most entertaining article I edited for the Law Journal was all about the asterisk footnote.

You can see it here: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=711083

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On Thanksgiving day I give thanks for another great issue, and for the news of the new book being available at long last. I went to buy it immediately, but note that the discount code as written in the newsletter didn't work for me until I removed the space between TROVE and 20. I tried a few variations and almost gave up. Perhaps the website coder could adjust the field to allow the space?

As a footnote, I am fascinated by Robert Bringhurst's remarks about footnotes (and sidenotes, and endnotes) in "The Elements of Typographic Style." He writes:

"If notes are used for subordinate details, it is right that they be set in a smaller size than the main text. But the academic habit of relegating notes to the foot of the page or the end of the book is a mirror of Victorian social and domestic practice, in which the kitchen was kept out of sight and the servants were kept below stairs. If the notes are permitted to move around in the margins--as they were in Renaissance books--they can be present where needed and at the same time enrich the life of the page."

Thanks again,

Tom McD

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