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This reminded me of a wonderful exhibit I stumbled onto in Chicago many years ago. It displayed every painting by Caravaggio in a then state-of-the-art technology that had digitally photographed in whatever high definition of the time, every known work by him. The point was not so much to try and replicate the experience of seeing every one of the paintings, but to have the pleasure of something no one ever anticipated being able to do in the real world: Have the ability to look at and ponder the incomparable artist's entire oeuvre at one time.

The exhibit helped point out common models he'd used, who I could see, for the first time in their different roles. And I have to admit that the technology enhanced the incredible beauty of every one of the works.

I'd so love to see the Vermeer show, but I think he's an artist I'd also like, just once, to see all of his works at once. The new show would be close to that, but since it's unlikely I will be able to make it to the current exhibit, what they'd done for Caravaggio would be a very close second.

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