I will never see Vermeer the same again!

How wonderful to see an author embrace "living in a necessary state of uncertainty." That's perhaps the main theme throughout Ren's work. For me, it opens up the possibility for seeing things anew. Bravo.

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Thanks for these palm trees.

Visually they are stunning, but somewhat useless as they do not provide shade, and cost a fortune to maintain with the constant pruning.

On the other hand, their movement and glistening leaves are a delight to meditate on.

Thanks for sharing.

Steven Ormenyi

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Wondrous to see the thesis of productive father/daughter relationships being advanced.

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The article about Vermeer’s daughter is fascinating, and all evidence does seem to point to her hidden role as an artist in her own right. I hope your article helps bring her out of the shadows. Thanks for a great story!

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Wonderful article and interview. I had the pleasure of attending the NYU symposium and never forgot it. I am glad to see it is on YouTube! I hope the publishers of Vermeer’s Family Secrets will consider republishing it now that Benjamin Binstock's theories are slowly gaining attention from the academic community even if they are not quite ready to acknowledge him.

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